WW2 Veterans and Commemorations

Burma Star Association, Windsor, Berks, UK. Around 2003

'Bunny' WW2 Burma veteran. Remembrane Service Trinity Church, Windsor. c. 2003 Photo ©Stan Kujawa stan.pix@virgin.net 07815 152006

‘Bunny’ WW2 Burma veteran. Remembrane Service Trinity Church, Windsor. c. 2003 Photo  ©Stan Kujawa   stan.pix@virgin.net   07815 152006


Polish War Cemetery, May 2009. 65th Anniversary of the WW2 Battle for Monte Cassino, Italy.

18.5.09. Monte Cassino, Polish Cemetery. A Polish veteran salutes the grave of a fallen comrade during the 65th Anniversary of the Battle for Monte Cassino,

18.5.09. 65th Anniversary of the Battle for Monte Cassino, in the Polish Cemetery, in the shadow of the Monte Cassino Abbey. A Polish infantry veteran of the battle, from the 5th Kresowa Division salutes a fallen comrade.   Image©Stan Kujawa. 1999-2015. All rights reserved. Image may not be used without trhe express written permission of the author.

Polish President Lech Kaczynski bows head by General Anders Grave in Monte Cassino. May 2009.

18.05.09. 65th Anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino. President of Poland Lech Kaczynski pays his repect at the grave of the Polish national hero General Wladyslaw Anders, leader of the Polish 2nd Corps in the British 8th Army, buried in the Polish War Cemetery in Monte Cassino, Italy . President Kaczynski died the following year in the Smolensk plane crash tragedy in Russia. 1999-2012 ©Stan Kujawa . All rights reserved. image may not be used without the express written permission of the author.


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Antonio Carluccio RIP 19.04.1937-08.11.2017

I briefly met Antonio Carluccio to take his portrait, when he was promoting the eating of edible wild mushrooms, something he was very passionate about. I have been picking wild mushrooms since a small boy with my Polish family and friends, so its something i also appreciated. I got him to pose up with my favourite mushrooms, the apricot-aroma’d chanterelles He was a huge influence on food culture in the UK,

Antonio Carluccio promoting wild mushroom culture outside the Windsor branch of the Carluccio’s restaurant chain October 2015 ©Stan Kujawa

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